Food poisoning can be a terrible thing. Symptoms of food poisoning can last for a painful few days or can lead to life-lasting symptoms and effects. Whether the tainted food contains salmonella, listeria or E. Coli, the effects are extremely discomforting and dangerous.

At O’Brien & Ford, PC, our lawyers have handled food poisoning cases worth tens of millions of dollars, many without even needing to bring a lawsuit. We approach every case with the same amount of attention to detail and planning for the future to insure that our clients are properly and fully compensated. Our track record of success in food poisoning cases speaks for itself: million dollar recoveries without fanfare or publicity.

If you or a loved one become sick with E. Coli, listeria or salmonella from being served contaminated food, it is critical to immediately seek help. We will notify State and local health departments to help the general public as well as to begin an investigation which will parallel our own investigation. It is not uncommon for our clients to be unable to meet in a professional setting during the first few weeks of suffering, so we try to take every step we can to be sensitive to this need. We will meet with you at your hospital, your home or our office, as your individual situation allows.

Please feel free to contact us for a no-charge, no-obligation interview or to obtain more information or by calling 716-330-2901 right away.  We look forward to working for you.