If you have been hurt in a major motor vehicle accident, everything may seem to happen very quickly.

Ultimately, though, things will calm down, and you will begin to stress about what lies ahead.

The legal representatives at O’Brien and Ford have helped many people through this challenging time by enabling them to understand precisely what to expect.

Knowing what to expect can go a long way toward easing just some of the inevitable strain that follows an accident. 


Vehicle Accident Attorneys In Schenectady

The first thing you should do is to see to the health of yourself and loved ones. You may feel okay immediately after an accident, but seeing a medical professional is always a good idea.

You may not even know that you were injured, and if symptoms develop later, you could be refused coverage. 

Reporting the auto accident to your insurance company promptly is also important. You will probably receive a phone call from an insurance adjuster within a few days of the accident.

You may assume the accident was your fault, but you should not admit responsibility to anyone. Sometimes, when it seems that one driver was clearly in the wrong, facts appear that prove otherwise.

An insurance company may press you to agree to a hasty settlement. Even if you feel you need money right away, a quick settlement could cost you in the end.

You may need additional medical care later on, and, as soon as you take a settlement, the insurance company is off the hook for any possible future claims. 


Schenectady Car Injury Legal Representation

Consult with a professional accident lawyer right away, so you can understand your options. A qualified accident lawyer can clarify some rights you may have before your case is settled. A law firm that concentrates on auto accident cases will have qualified investigators ready to collect any evidence, if necessary. 

Most accident cases do settle, but when a fair and just settlement is not proffered, you may have to go to court. If you have to go to court, you require a tough, aggressive litigator. 

The litigation process can take a very long time. There will be a period of discovery, during which both sides attempt to gather as much evidence as possible. This period is generally difficult, and could be difficult to understand.

You should be able to depend on your lawyer to make the process as easy on you as possible, so you can concentrate on recuperating. 


Car Injury Lawyers Near Me

If you select the law firm of O’Brien and Ford to represent you, you may be confident that you have made the best decision. We are in the business of representing accident victims.

We have the trial expertise needed to litigate if we have to, and are not hesitant to take on any opponents, no matter how large or powerful. You will not have to take an unreasonable settlement because your lawyer is not prepared to go to trial. 

We understand that a severe injury can place a financial strain on your family, so we provide free consultations, and you will not pay us a fee unless we arrange a fair settlement, or win your case in court.