Many people mention having very little recollection of a car accident, particularly if they are hurt.

Eventually, though, things will settle down, and you will begin to wonder what lies ahead.

The team at the law office of O’Brien and Ford know how you feel, and want to help.

Things can get quite complicated during such matters.

If you have an idea what is happening next, the experience will not be quite as stressful. 


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The first thing to do after an accident is to make certain you and the other people in the car with you are all right.

Even if you do not go to a hospital right away, it may be wise to see a physician not long after the accident. A hidden injury that manifests itself after you have taken a settlement from an insurance company will not be covered. 

Reporting the accident to your insurance company right away is also important. 

You will probably receive a phone call from an insurance adjuster within a couple of days of the accident. It is never a good idea to acknowledge that the accident was your fault.

Sometimes, when it appears that one driver was obviously in the wrong, details come out that prove otherwise. Do not be in a hurry to accept the first settlement proffered to you.

The moment you take a settlement, you will not be entitled to collect any additional damages, despite the fact that you continue to have medical problems, or if new problems develop. 


Big Flats Car Accident Law Firm

Do not wait to consult with an attorney after an accident. A qualified accident attorney can explain some rights you may have before your case is settled.

You may also need an investigator working for you who can collect evidence needed to prove your case. Your lawyer can get an investigator to the scene before evidence is lost. 

The majority of accident cases do settle, but when a reasonable and just settlement is not proffered, you may have to go to court. If you have to go to court, you require a tough, aggressive litigator. 

The fact is cases frequently take a long time to get to trial. Prior to a trial, there is a period of discovery, in which additional evidence is collected and analyzed. This period is typically challenging and can be complicated.

You should be able to rely on your attorney to make the process as easy on you as possible, so you can focus on getting better. 


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Choose your attorney carefully. At O’Brien and Ford, we have been in the business of representing people in accident cases for many years. If we have to go to court, we will be prepared.

If we cannot get a decent settlement for you, we will count our substantial trial experience to fight for a fair and just award. We will not take a bad settlement just to avoid a legal battle with an insurance company. 

You may call us any time for a free consultation. You will not owe us any fees unless we settle or win your case.