The term “personal injury lawyer” might invoke unfavorable images for some. Unfortunately, social networks, TV and films contribute to the problem by depicting personal injury attorneys in a negative light.

The reality is, when you are seriously injured and facing financial ruin because of an accident or injury, a personal injury lawyer can help you when you need it most.

The lawyers at O’Brien and Ford dedicate themselves to personal injury law so they can make a genuine difference in people’s lives.


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There are many kinds of personal injury cases, including:


  • With in excess of 6 million car accidents across the country every year, it is not a surprise that car accident cases are the most common personal injury suits. You may have been injured while driving, riding, or walking. Although New York is a “no-fault” state, a person who is seriously injured may still have the chance to sue for their injuries. It is always recommended to consult with a personal injury lawyer before presuming that you have no case.
  • Slip and fall matters are also common. A fall can occur anywhere: at home, at play, or on the job. Dangerous conditions, such as objects left unattended or defective flooring surfaces, are the cause of many falls.
  • Many people are hurt every year in sporting and recreational activities. Most of the time, people who participate in such activities are assumed to understand the risks involved, but in some cases, negligence might be a factor.
  • Other types of accidents that may be the subjects of a personal injury action might include accidental shootings, hunting accidents and other injuries from the incorrect use of equipment or tools.
  • Accidents at the workplace are usually governed by workers compensation laws and may require the services of an accident lawyer who is also familiar with worker’s compensation.
  • Product liability refers to the responsibility of companies to ensure sure their products are safe. Manufacturers are also expected to notify consumers of possible hazards and to instruct them on the best way to use the products safely.
  • Unfortunately, even the best medical professionals make mistakes and those mistakes may lead to more medical procedures, worse injuries and even death. Personal injury lawyers experienced in the area of medical malpractice will evaluate your case, seek the guidance of experts when necessary and advise you of your rights.
  • Voluntary acts such as murder, assault and rape can also lead to personal injury suits.


We have covered just some of the circumstances in which a personal injury attorney may be able to help an injured person.


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Selecting the right attorney when you are hurt is important.

First, you should choose a lawyer who has experience in the type of personal injury that affected you. You may be assured that your attorney at O’Brien and Ford will have the experience and knowledge your case requires.

Most personal injury lawsuits are settled, but you need a lawyer who is ready to go to court if necessary.

Finally and perhaps most important, you need a law firm that respects you, not just your case.


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The attorneys and staff at O’Brien and Ford are known for their personal attention to their clients and for their devotion to obtaining the best possible outcome, whether that entails negotiating a fair settlement or taking your case to court. The lawyers and support staff at O’Brien and Ford are known for their personal attention to their clients and for their devotion to achieving the best possible outcome, whether that involves negotiating a fair settlement or taking your case to court. You may call any time to set up a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our injury experts.