Personal injury attorneys are oftentimes the subject of unfavorable attention.

The fact is, social media, television and films add to the problem by depicting personal injury attorneys in a bad light.

Actually, real people experience real injuries each day and are often left penniless and permanently impaired as a result of the carelessness or deliberate act of another person.

The attorneys at O’Brien and Ford dedicate themselves to personal injury law so they can make a genuine difference in people’s lives. 


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Personal injury law includes any type of case in which a person is injured as a result of the negligent or voluntary act of another some of those matters include:  

  • With in excess of 6 million motor vehicle accidents nationwide each year, it is not a surprise that those lawsuits are the most frequent personal injury suits. You may have been driving, riding, or walking. Although New York is a “no-fault” state, a person who is badly injured may still have the chance to sue for their injuries. Before making a claim against your insurance company, seek the guidance of a personal injury lawyer. 
  • Cases involving falls comprise another significant quantity of a personal injury firm’s caseload. A fall can take place anywhere: at home, at play, or on the job. Uneven flooring and other hazardous conditions send a lot of people to the hospital each year. 
  • Many people are injured every year in sporting and recreational activities. Most of the time, people who participate in such activities are presumed to recognize the risks involved, but in some cases, negligence may be a factor. 
  • A personal injury suit may follow when you one is injured by another’s incorrect use of a tool, weapon, or any other household object. 
  • An injury attorney who also knows the law of workers compensation can advise you if you are injured at work. 
  •  Many people are injured or killed while using defective products. This also includes making certain that products include proper operating instructions and warning notices and that products intended for small children are age-appropriate and clearly labeled. 
  • Sadly, even the best health care providers make mistakes and those mistakes may result in more medical procedures, worse injuries and even death. Personal injury lawyers with expertise in the area of medical malpractice will be able to evaluate your suit, seek the advice of experts when necessary and advise you of your rights. 
  • Damages from injuries caused by deliberate and illegal acts including assault, rape and murder may also be recouped in a personal injury action. 

These are some instances of matters that personal injury lawyers see every day.


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Select a personal injury attorney with care. Ensure the lawyer you choose has handled your type of injury lawsuit.

You can be assured that your attorney at O’Brien and Ford will have the experience and knowledge your lawsuit needs. 

You also want an attorney who is not afraid to go to court if necessary. Finally and perhaps most important, you need a law firm that respects you, not just your case. 


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At O’Brien and Ford, we have a reputation for being tough negotiators, even tougher trial attorneys and for our dedication to our clients.

The lawyers and support staff at O’Brien and Ford are known for their personal attention to their clients and for their dedication to achieving the best possible outcome, whether that involves working out a fair settlement or taking your case to court. We are always available; call us for a free consultation.