Many people mention having very little memory of a vehicle accident, especially if they are hurt.

Once the adrenaline has worn off and you are back in your home, you may wonder, “What happens next?”

At O’Brien and Ford, we think our clients and future clients should be informed at all times.

Knowing what to expect can go a long way toward lessening some of the inevitable stress that follows an accident. 


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The first thing to do after an accident is to make sure you and the other people in the car with you are all right.

Regardless of whether you do not go to a hospital right away, it may be prudent to see a physician soon after the accident. The excitement and confusion of an accident may hide symptoms of a hidden injury. 

Reporting the accident to your insurance company right away is also important. 

You will most likely receive a telephone call from an insurance adjuster within a couple of days of the accident. You may think the accident was your fault, but you should not admit responsibility to anyone. Often, when it looks that one driver was clearly in the wrong, details appear that prove otherwise. Most importantly, do not take a quick settlement. Any medical care you end up needing in the future will not be covered once you have taken a settlement form the insurance company. 


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Consult with an experienced accident lawyer right away, so you can learn your options. You may need to get a rental car, or you may be in need of immediate help with your medical costs. A law firm that specializes in auto accident cases will have trained investigators ready to collect any evidence, if necessary. 

We try hard to reach a fair settlement for our clients, but occasionally we must litigate, particularly when a client is permanently injured or disabled. If your case can not be settled, you need a lawyer with the experience and determination with you. 

If you do have to file suit in order to be compensated for your injuries, the procedure could be fairly prolonged. Before a trial is scheduled, both sides undergo a discovery period where they try to collect as much evidence as possible. This period is often difficult, and could be confusing. You should be able to count on your attorney to make the process as easy on you as possible, so you can concentrate on recuperating. 

Choose your lawyer wisely. At O’Brien and Ford, we have been in the business of representing people in accident cases for many years. If we have to go to court, we will be ready. If we cannot get a fair settlement for you, we will depend upon our extensive trial experience to fight for a reasonable and just award. We will not take a bad settlement just to avoid a legal battle with an insurance company. 


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Our consultations are free, and we do not ask for a fee unless we win a settlement or verdict for you. If you were injured in an auto accident, give us a call today.