Many people report having very little memory of a vehicle accident, especially if they are hurt.

Eventually, though, things will settle down, and you will start to wonder about what lies ahead.

The experts at O’Brien and Ford have assisted many people through this confusing time by letting them know precisely what to expect.

Understanding what to expect can go a long way toward relieving just some of the inevitable anxiety that follows an accident. 


Auto Accident Lawyers In Troy

The first thing you should do is to see to the well being of yourself and loved ones.

Even if you do not go to a hospital right away, it may be a good idea to see a doctor soon after the accident. The excitement and confusion of an accident may mask symptoms of a hidden injury. 

Reporting the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible is also important. 

You may be contacted by an insurance company not long after an accident. Do not acknowledge you were at fault, even if you think you might have been to blame for the accident.

Information recovered later may prove someone else was at fault after all. Most important, do not take a hasty settlement. When you take a settlement, you will not be eligible to collect any more damages, even if you continue to have medical issues, or if new problems develop. 


Troy Car Injury Legal Specialists

Do not delay to consult with a lawyer following an accident. You may need to get a rental car, or you may need immediate assistance with your medical costs.

You may also need an investigator working for you who can gather evidence needed to prove your case. Your lawyer can get an investigator to the scene before evidence is lost. 

We strive to reach a fair settlement for our clients, but in some cases, we have to litigate, especially when a client is permanently injured or disabled. If your case can not be settled, you need a lawyer with the experience and determination with you. 

Unfortunately, cases often take a very long time to get to trial. There will be a period of discovery, during which both sides try to compile as much evidence as possible.

This process can be difficult and confusing, but with an experienced and caring accident law firm by your side, you can focus on recuperating while they take care of the tiresome details. 


Auto Injury Attorneys Near Me

If you choose the law firm of O’Brien and Ford to represent you, you may be confident that you have made the right choice. We are in the business of helping accident victims.

We have the trial expertise needed to litigate if we have to, and are not hesitant to take on any opponents, no matter how large or powerful. We do not have to take an unjust settlement because we are not ready to battle it out in court. 

We know that a severe injury can place a financial strain on your family, so we provide free consultations, and you will not pay us a fee unless we negotiate a fair settlement, or win your case in court.