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Have you suffered a brain injury in an accident in Buffalo, NY? You may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost earnings, and other losses. A Buffalo brain injury lawyer at O’Brien & Ford Buffalo Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers can help you hold the at-fault party financially accountable in Buffalo, New York.

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How O’Brien & Ford Buffalo Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Brain Injury in Buffalo, NY

How O'Brien & Ford, PC Can Help After a Brain Injury in Buffalo, NY

Some brain injury survivors in Buffalo, New York, are lucky enough to heal over time. For many, a brain injury results in life-long consequences. The last thing you should face when struggling to adjust to the new trajectory of your life is an insurance company minimizing your injuries or blaming you. 

A Buffalo brain injury lawyer can help you pursue maximum compensation to maintain your quality of life and hold the responsible party accountable. At O’Brien & Ford Buffalo Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers, we have 84 years of combined experience representing accident victims. We have recovered tens of millions in life-changing jury awards and settlements. Our lawyers have been recognized as Top 50 Upstate New York Super Lawyers and WNY Legal Elite with case results that speak for themselves. 

We will give you the tireless representation you deserve and: 

  • Conduct an independent investigation into your accident
  • Gather evidence to prove causation and liability
  • Work with medical and economic experts to support your claim
  • Seek maximum compensation by negotiating on your behalf
  • Litigate your case before a jury if needed

We also work on a contingency fee basis, where you only pay us if we win compensation for you. Contact our law firm to schedule a free consultation with a Buffalo personal injury lawyer to learn what we can do to help you.

What Are Common Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Traumatic brain injuries come in various forms, each with unique manifestations and degrees of severity. 

Some of the most common types include:

  • Concussions: Often caused by a blow to the head, a concussion is also known as a mild TBI.
  • Contusions: These are bruises or bleeding on the brain. 
  • Diffuse axonal injury (DAI): This type of injury occurs when the brain rapidly shifts inside the skull, tearing axons or connecting nerve fibers. It can lead to long-term brain damage.
  • Penetrating injuries: Injuries caused by an object piercing the skull and entering brain tissue. 
  • Coup injury: This is a lesion that happens directly below the point of impact. 
  • Contrecoup injury: This is a lesion opposite the point of impact. 
  • Anoxic and hypoxic brain injuries: These injuries occur when the brain does not receive enough oxygen. Anoxic means oxygen is cut off completely; hypoxic means oxygen supply is too low. Causes can range from drowning and poisoning to complications during medical procedures.

Traumatic brain injuries are classified as mild, moderate, or severe based on the results of the Glasgow Coma Scale. Some injuries, like concussions, tend to be minor. Others are usually very serious, including penetrating injuries and DAI.

What Are the Symptoms and Signs of a Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injury symptoms vary by severity and the affected region of the brain. 

A mild TBI may cause symptoms such as: 

  • Headache
  • Memory loss
  • Vision changes
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Sensitivity to sound and light
  • Nausea
  • Tinnitus

Moderate to severe brain injuries can cause a wider range of symptoms, including: 

  • Unequal pupils
  • Difficulty speaking or communicating
  • Emotional and mood changes
  • Behavioral and personality changes
  • Seizures
  • Coma

It may take hours or days for symptoms to become apparent after a brain injury. Not all people with a brain injury lose consciousness, but it becomes more likely with more severe injuries.

What Are Possible Long-Term Consequences of a Brain Injury?

The long-term effects of a brain injury can vary greatly depending on the severity and location of the injury. These consequences can affect every aspect of a person’s life, including cognitive function, independence, emotional well-being, and the ability to work. 

Some of the possible long-term effects include:

  • Cognitive deficits
  • Physical impairments 
  • Communication challenges 
  • Emotional and behavioral changes
  • Social complications 

Living with a brain injury may require long-term rehabilitation and ongoing medical care. About one in 60 people in the United States are currently living with a disability caused by a brain injury. 

Even mild brain injuries or concussions can cause long-term symptoms. Most concussion victims have minor symptoms that are fully resolved within a few weeks. For about 10% of people, concussion symptoms are persistent or lingering for up to one year or longer. Certain symptoms like sensitivity to light and sound are more common in people with this complication, known as post-concussion syndrome.

What Causes Brain Injuries In Buffalo, New York?

Brain injuries can stem from a variety of incidents, but the following are responsible for most traumatic brain injuries:

  • Vehicle accidentsCar accidents, pedestrian accidents, and other crashes are a leading cause of traumatic brain injuries. Even with safety measures like helmets and seatbelts, the force of the crash can cause the brain to move violently within the skull. About 20% of brain injury-related hospitalizations result from traffic accidents.
  • Falls – Slip and fall accidents, especially among the elderly and in workplaces, frequently result in head injuries that can be mild to severe. Falls from heights, such as from ladders or staircases, are particularly dangerous.
  • Sports injuries – Contact sports like football, soccer, and hockey pose a significant risk for concussions and other brain injuries. Recreational activities like cycling, skateboarding, and diving can also cause serious brain injuries. About 1.7 to three million concussions every year are caused by sports and recreation.
  • Violence – Assault and firearm violence lead to penetrating injuries or blunt force trauma that causes a brain injury. 
  • Workplace accidents – In industries such as construction, manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing, workers are at risk of head injuries from falling objects, machinery accidents, and other hazards.

Falls are the most common cause of non-fatal TBI-related hospitalization, followed by motor vehicle accidents. 

Can I Recover Compensation if I’m Being Blamed for a Brain Injury in New York? 

New York is a pure comparative negligence state. If you are partially at fault for the accident, you can still recover compensation. However, the amount of damages you recover will be reduced in proportion to the amount of your fault. 

What Is My Brain Injury Case Worth?

The value of a brain injury case depends on the unique circumstances involved. No two cases are alike. 

To estimate the potential value of your case, a lawyer will take many factors into consideration: 

  • Total lost wages
  • Reduced or lost earning capacity
  • Total medical expenses, including future medical bills
  • Age at the time of the accident
  • The severity of the brain injury
  • Long-term consequences and how the injury affects daily life
  • Circumstances of the accident
  • Shared liability
  • Insurance coverage

A personal injury lawyer can evaluate your case to give you an idea of what it may be worth. A more accurate value can take time as experts may need to be consulted to calculate lost earning potential and future medical costs.

What Damages Can I Recover for My Brain Injury In Buffalo, NY?

As a brain injury victim, you have the right to hold the at-fault party financially responsible for your damages. You may recover compensatory damages in two forms: economic and non-economic damages. 

Economic damages are designed to compensate for financial losses like medical bills, property damage, and lost wages. Non-economic damages are compensation for non-monetary losses which are personal and subjective. 

Common types of compensation available in a brain injury case include: 

  • Medical expenses like doctor’s bills, surgery, hospitalization, and medication
  • Rehabilitation, therapy, and home health care
  • Out-of-pocket expenses are considered reasonable in your case
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning potential and employment benefits
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Scarring
  • Wrongful death 

The lifetime cost of a TBI can range from $85,000 to $3 million in medical costs alone. An experienced Buffalo brain injury attorney will document the full extent of your losses and pursue maximum compensation to help you maintain your quality of life.  

How Long Do I Have To File A Brain Injury Lawsuit In New York?

The amount of time you have to file a personal injury lawsuit in New York is generally three years from the date of your injury. If your brain injury was caused by assault or intentional wrongdoing, you have just one year to bring your case to court. Medical malpractice cases have a statute of limitations of two-and-a-half years. This begins on the date of the malpractice or when continuous treatment is ended. 

Consult with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to protect your right to compensation.

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