Some people do not understand exactly what personal injury lawyers do.

Negative perceptions are enforced by the entertainment industry and social media.

In the real world, personal injury lawyers work hard every day to get assistance for people who have been seriously hurt.

At O’Brien and Ford, you will find a dedicated group of lawyers who are proud to use their expertise in personal injury law to improve people’s lives after an injury.


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Below are just some illustrations of the sort of cases a personal injury lawyer may handle:

  • Millions of cars on the road mean millions of accidents, so motor vehicle accident suits represent the lion’s share of most personal injury firms’ work. You may be hurt in an accident as an operator, passenger, or pedestrian. Although New York is a “no-fault” state, a person who is seriously injured may still have the ability to sue for their injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to determine you if you have the right to sue for damages.
  • Cases involving falls make up another large quantity of a personal injury firm’s caseload. Falls are the largest single cause of emergency room visits and can occur anywhere. Uneven flooring and other dangerous conditions send a lot of people to the hospital every year.
  • Many people are injured each year in sporting and recreational activities. Most of the time, people who participate in such activities are assumed to know the risks involved, but in some cases, negligence might be a factor.
  • Other kinds of accidents that may be the subjects of a personal injury action might include accidental shootings, hunting accidents and other injuries from the incorrect use of equipment or tools.
  • Worker’s compensation insurance covers on the job injuries, so if you have been injured at the workplace, make sure to seek advice from an injury lawyer with a background in worker’s compensation.
  • Many people are injured or killed while using defective products. Manufacturers are also expected to notify consumers of potential hazards and to instruct them on how to use the products correctly.
  • The majority of doctors treat their patients with the highest level of care, but sometimes they make mistakes, resulting in more pain, more medical bills and sometimes, death. Personal injury lawyers with expertise in the area of medical malpractice will be able to assess your matter, seek the advice of experts when necessary and advise you of your rights.
  • Damages from injuries caused by voluntary and unlawful acts like assault, rape and murder may also be recouped in a personal injury action.

We have covered just some of the examples of circumstances in which a personal injury lawyer may be able to help an injured person.


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Choose a personal injury lawyer very carefully.

You should seek a lawyer who has the specific expertise your case requires. The attorneys at O’Brien and Ford have experience in all personal injury matters.

While most personal injury suits settle out of court, your attorney must be ready and able to tackle any insurance company if a reasonable settlement is not offered.

Most importantly, you want an attorney who sees you as an individual, not just another case.


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At O’Brien and Ford, we have a reputation for being tough negotiators, even tougher trial attorneys and for our dedication to our clients.

The lawyers and support staff at O’Brien and Ford are known for their personal attention to their clients and for their commitment to obtaining the best possible outcome, whether that involves working out a fair settlement or taking your matter to court. You may call at any time to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our injury experts.