When a member of your family dies due to someone’s carelessness, it is devastating. Where can you turn for the answers to the many questions you have?

We feel confident that the law firm of O’Brien and Ford will be able to help you get some answers. 

When somebody dies because of another person’s negligence, it is a wrongful death. The term “wrongful death” refers to negligent and intentional acts that cause a person’s death, or injuries that lead to death.

When a person is killed in a brawl or dies from an attack, that is also a wrongful death. Even when the act is an intentional crime, like assault or even murder, it can be a wrongful death. 


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Lawyers in a wrongful death firm have specialized education and experience dealing with the wrongful death statutes in their state. Other injury cases are governed by common statute as developed over time by the courts– the statute of wrongful death, however, is calculated by law. 

Wrongful death laws typically limit a wrongful death claim to the immediate family of the deceased person. However, some states permit all children to sue for the wrongful death of a parent, and some make it possible for only minor children to sue.

Some states allow a person to sue for the wrongful death of a husband or wife even if the parties were separated. Parents may bring a wrongful death action for the death of a child. If a member of your family has died, the law firm of O’Brien and Ford will be able to advise you of your rights under New York’s wrongful death statute. 

There may be cases where a responsible party has some form of immunity from wrongful death lawsuits. Loved one, for instance, are immune from wrongful death suits against each other in some states. Wrongful death actions may not be possible against governmental agencies. Do not assume that you may not sue if your loved one has been killed in an accident on state or municipal property. In cases in which a governmental agency is not immune from suit, strict deadlines may apply. 


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State statutes determine the amount and type of damages in wrongful death actions. One type of damage common in wrongful death cases is lost the future income of the deceased person. Your family member’s medical bills, and burial expenses may be part of a wrongful death award. The family’s grief over the loss of a family member might be an element of the damages awarded in a wrongful death suit. If the wrongful death was caused by a deliberate or grossly negligent action, punitive damages may also be awarded. State laws may also limit the amount of damages in a wrongful death suit. 

If a member of your family has died due to negligence, call an experienced wrongful death attorney. Some examples of situations in which a wrongful death action may be possible are: 

– Automobile or motorcycle accidents, regardless of whether your relative was a driver, passenger, or pedestrian. 

– Accidents at work 

– A fall in a public place 

– An assault 

– Medical malpractice 

– Drowning in a public or private pool 

– An accident in a medical facility or nursing home  


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When you have experienced the death of a loved one, you should count on your attorney to treat you with dignity and empathy. Although your attorney may have dealt with many of wrongful death cases, your case is one-of-a-kind, and ought to be given the consideration it deserves.

At O’Brien and Ford, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients. We will take as much time as you need to explain your rights, and to let you know precisely what to expect when you file a suit for wrongful death. You may call us any time for a free consultation with one of our attorneys. You will not pay us a fee unless we win your case.