The unforeseen death of a family member is devastating, especially when it was led to by someone’s carelessness.

You may have concerns that no-one seems to be able to address. You can trust O’Brien and Ford to furnish you the answers you may need. 

The term “wrongful death” refers to negligent and intentional acts that cause a person’s death, or injuries that lead to death.

Wrongful death might include a death from an automobile or motorcycle crash.

Death from a fight, even if the person who died started the fight, may be a wrongful death. A homicide is also a wrongful death, and subject to wrongful death statutes in addition to criminal prosecution. 


Wrongful Death Attorneys In Webster

Lawyers in a wrongful death law firm have education and expertise handling the wrongful death laws in their state. Wrongful death is different from other personal injury claims– it is governed by law, not by case statute, and the laws vary from state to state. 

A wrongful death statute will limit who may be eligible to sue– typically, the deceased person’s husband or wife, parent or child. In some states, only minor children may sue for the wrongful death of a mother or father. A person may have the ability to sue for the wrongful death of a husband or wife despite the fact that they were separated. Parents may bring a wrongful death action for the death of a child. The attorneys at O’Brien and Ford are specialists in the statute of wrongful death in the state of New York. 

There are situations where a suit for wrongful death may not be brought against certain parties. Relatives, for instance, are immune from wrongful death suits against each other in some states. Governmental agencies normally have immunity against lawsuits by their residents, but this immunity may be waived by statute. If your family member has been killed on government property, do not assume that the agency is immune from suit. If there is no sovereign immunity, there may be a strict time frame for filing suit. 

The category and amount of damages in a wrongful death suit are controlled by state law. One kind of damage common in wrongful death cases is lost future earnings of the deceased person. Your family member’s medical expenses, and burial costs may be part of a wrongful death award. The family’s grief over the loss of a family member might be an element of the damages awarded in a wrongful death suit. Punitive damages may be awarded when the death is resulted in by a deliberate act. There may be restrictions on the number of damages. 


Webster Wrongful Death Lawyers

If a member of your family has died due to carelessness, call a qualified wrongful death lawyer. Some examples of instances in which a wrongful death action may be appropriate are: 

– Car or motorcycle accidents, regardless of whether your family member was a driver, passenger, or pedestrian. 

– Accidents at the workplace 

– A fall in a public place 

– An assault 

– Medical malpractice 

– Drowning in a public or private pool 

– An accident in a medical facility or nursing home  


Wrongful Death Lawyer Near Me

When you have experienced the death of a relative, you should count on your lawyer to treat you with dignity and empathy. Even though your lawyer may have dealt with hundreds of wrongful death cases, your case is unique, and ought to be given the attention it deserves.

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